TMP: Yob, Death, Soilwork, and More!


As always, a good mix of new interesting music and some buttz to lol. It’s Monday again!

New song from Yob. They’ll be touring with Acid King and CHRCH soon.

Sinsaneum (Mayhem, Dragonforce, Joey Notinslipknotison). Album out August 10.

  • Shylmagoghnar. How are you?
  • New video/song from Comeback Kid.
  • New Kontinuum, album out July 6.
  • Please don’t click this Powerflo link.
  • Dew-Scented broke up.
  • New Ghost song whatever. I try to be open-minded and let people like what they like, but it upsets me that this has so many plays.
  • Iron Reagan European tour.
  • Gwar has a summer tour w/ Light The Torch.
  • More NIN dates added, and a new song.
  • Depths of Hatred signed to Prosthetic
  • Dee Snider album For The Love Of Metal out July 27 feat Jamey Jasta, Howard Jones, Mark Morton, Joel Grind and Nick Bellmore, Alyssa White-Gluz.
  • Soreption and Allegaeon are probably going to be on Summer Slaughter.
  • Soilwork are in the studio, announced their bassist left the band.
  • Havok tour with Jungle Rot and Extinction A.D.
  • A few Death albums are being re-released on vinyl.
  • Aegaeon, who I thought was a different band for a minute, released a new track.
  • High on Fire and Code Orange are booked for the new Adult Swim festival. Get your Rick and Morty shirts ready.
  • Rosetta did an Audiotree session. I’ll probably be listening to it right as this post goes up, so ask me how it is later.
  • Boy Sets Fire is remastering an album.
  • New song from Baptists.
  • New song from Uniform and The Body.
  • New Clutch video.
  • Night Demon live w/ the guy from Midnight.
  • New Body Count video, with the song featuring Max Cavalera.
  • Amorphis video released with the album that just came out.
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