Relative – Cycle: A Video Breakdown


I guess there was already a band called “Second Cousin”.

Romanian rapcore and hardcore. Apparently, it’s a thing, and why not? The world is getting smaller every day, so it shouldn’t a surprise that we’re getting a slurry of genres from all sorts of new and exciting places. If you look hard enough, you can probably find an interesting amalgam of genres and styles coming from countries you’d never expect. Of course, results may vary.Rap

Relative hail from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Try to say that five times fast. Actually, try to just say once at normal speed. I found this video via Hardcore Worldwide, a Youtube channel that supports and promotes hardcore and punk bands from all over the planet. They put out an incredible amount of content and I highly recommend checking them out to find some new stuff. I’m glad I finally have a chance to breakdown one of their videos. Most of the time, punk and hardcore videos are fairly standard and even boring at times. Guys playing their instruments and yelling at the camera type stuff. Thank Cluj-Napoca for Relative.

0:02: The cymbal symbolizes cymbals.
0:04: Hey, it’s a Boston Celtics fan.
0:07: Is having your own bands’ stickers on your guitar better or worse than wearing the shirt of the band you’re seeing?
0:12: When only two of your members are in to being a Slipknot tribute band.
0:16: Are those cuffed jorts?
0:21: Clearly they needed 2 vocalists to handle the different ranges.
0:29: Still better than Stuck Mojo.
0:37: Oh, I get it. They wear the masks to hide their identities because they’re ashamed of their terrible, terrible tattoos.
0:42: How much you want to bet he has a Nuggets jersey because it sounds like it’s drug-related?
0:46: Good thing the guitarist pointed to him for that blazing drum fill.
0:49: Fun fact: That mask is made entirely out of turkey jerky.
0:56: The only thing that would make this video whiter is if it took place on a golf course.
1:00: And maybe some Vitamin Water.
1:07: Still better than 311.
1:11: Is he wearing an old WalMart shopping bag on his head?
1:14: I’d ask if his mask was homemade, but I really, really don’t want to know if he actually spent money on it. My brain just can’t handle that.
1:21: Ssssssssssssssssssssssmokin!
1:27: Doing a little jig is something more hardcore bands need in their live performances.
1:33: It’s entirely possible their bassist is part Ent.
1:41: You know what would spice this video up? Anything.
1:47: Did he just say, “I take the hits from a buffalo”?
1:52: Who let the dorks out. Who who who who?
1:53: That’s right. I made a Baha Men reference in 2017.
1:54: It’s not like I did that while campaigning in an African American community.
2:00: I would like to know more about this hardcore buffalo. I hope he throws down in the pit.

Relative’s album Positive is out now.

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