News and New Music Hustle: Thursday Update with Nunslaughter, Nylithia, Horrendous, Monster Magnet, Child Bite, and More!


Two news posts in one week? I’m either out of my mind, or there have been important happenings since Tuesday. You decide.


Nunslaughter‘s Jim Konya has passed. RIP.

Sorry to bum you out with the first bit of news, but it seemed the most important update. It’s always terrible to see a member of the community go. But after you’re done mourning, might I suggest you do some thrashing! Remember on Tuesday when I said that balls-out-blasting thrashers Nylithia had finally finished recording Hyperthrash? They’ve since released not one but two new tracks in addition to the single track on their Bandcamp page. You can stream “Whips & Chainz” here courtesy of Metalsucks. Additionally, you can check out “BLÜDWOLVES” below courtesy of No Clean Singing. Both of these songs show a maturation of the meteor shower thrash assault on older Nylithia tracks. Consider my taint thoroughly wrecked.

Remember when Leif gave Horrendous‘s new album Anareta a 5/5? Remember how jealous you were that he had heard the whole thing? Well, you can now rock out to three full tracks from the album. “Acolytes” and “Sum of All Failures” are both shining pinnacles of death metal excellence, but the standout track here is “Ozymandias”. That triumphant ending is majestic as all hell. Art thou bored?

I absolutely adored Monster Magnet‘s re-imagined album Milking the Stars. Apparently the band found that revisiting older material was a recipe for greatness, because now they’ve taken the same approach to classic album Mastermind. The aptly titled Mastermind Redux is streaming in full at some Finnish blog (you can tell by the preposterous number of extraneous vowels), and I have to say, this re-imagining is rocking, but not quite as much as Milking the Stars. What do you think?

My main bear squeeze Leif pointed out that Phil Anselmo has partnered with “supergroup” Child Bite to release a new cover of Celtic Frost‘s “The Usurper”. If you like Phil Anselmo, Municipal WasteEvoken, or Persekutor, you might like this. If you don’t like Anselmo’s vocals, you probably won’t like this. Stream it over at Decibel courtesy of Housecore. If you hate it, blame the bear with the mustache. Or the other one. I’m okay with the other one being a scapebear.

Here are some more quick news bites to give you your fix, you metal news junkie.

  • Beloved Canadian weirdo(s) Vod have revealed the artwork and theme for next album Popol Wuj. It’s based on the Mayan Creation myth, and you stream two demos now!
  • Joe is rill sad hardcore heroes Discourse are calling it quits. If you haven’t, do some spinkicks in memoriam while jamming Sanity Decays.
  • Son ov Wolf/Roshin (jeeze, make up your mind) tipped me off to a new track made by Sun Kil Moon and Jesu. It… sounds like Americana. If that’s your bag, check it out.
  • Skronkodiles rejoice! Despite unleashing an unstoppable hellbeast of an album just this year, Imperial Triumphant is already working on a new release. We’ll keep you updated.
  • Spoopy ghost-men Ghoul wrote a new song for Image Comics. Stream “Humans till Deth” here.
  • Everthrone have a new music video out if you for some reason care about music videos in 2015.

Stay on that grind, friends. You know what good is.

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