Flush It Friday: Let’s Just Listen To The New Suffering Hour Edition


Because it’s out now so y’all can finally hear it in all its 18 minute glory.

It’s Friday (aka Saturday here) and what better way to celebrate than to listen to the most incredible song of 2019.

Normally when Joe’s out, Weekend Dad Dubya would step in and look after you runabouts, but after his retirement to permanent slipper-shufflin’ duty you’re left with me. Guess that makes me the weird uncle who doesn’t like being at family functions, has questionable taste in music/fashion/food, works a dead-end job, advocates drug use, and espouses fringe anarcho-political views, much to the chagrin of everyone subjected to his presence.

Anyway, just noticed that new Suffering Hour EP I’ve been raving about the last few months just went online a few hours ago. Not gonna try to describe this insane track again, read the review linked above if you need words to assuage your smooth-brain into hitting play. Or just pretend you’ve heard it and listen to the same bland albums you hear every weekend. Get amongst it, open swim, all that shit!

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