How Much Has Metal Cost You? The Results


As the shitstorm that is the Cambridge Analytica data succ scandal continues to spiral out of control, we check out the results from the personal data that YOU voluntarily leaked into this very toilet.

As explained in Part One of our big-ass metal survey, where we looked into and discussed your Listening Habits, mid-way through last year we asked you a bunch of questions pertaining to your consumption of the shit you can’t stop stuffing in your earholes. As was the case before, some of the result patterns were pretty much in line with what you’d expect, some are a bit more diverse. Due to the limitations of the software available on the site, coupled with the fact that the polls were both anonymous and discrete, we can’t really extrapolate much else from data set other than what you see below. Also, no. You want significant results? Stop eating so much shit food, walk your dog more, and I dunno throw some more money into the Abyssal Vacuum that is modern consumerism; or don’t, it’s still name your price.

Check out the numbers, see where you fit in, and then discuss the results below…


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