TMP: Baroness, Monolord, Rivers of Nihil, and More!


My computer finally died, which is why I am using last week’s image. Just imagine I used album covers from Darkest Hour, Periphery, and Overkill I guess.

Baroness, Deafheaven, and Zeal and Ardor are going to get me out of the house in March.

Overkill released a track. Album out February 22.

New Whitechapel.

Gorgon? Have some new black metal.

  • Stoner music dudes Monolord are touring.
  • New Rings of Saturn is coming soon, for you technical bro slammers (I think that’s what they were called on the flushcast?).
  • Lamb of God guitarist dropped a solo track featuring Randy Blythe and Alissa Blue Gluz.
  • Demon Hunter dropped two new tracks.
  • Dead Swords does some shoegazy thing.
  • A Pale Horse Named Death premiered a track. It’s not for me.
  • Rivers of Nihil, Entheos, Conjurer are touring the US.
  • Homewrecker is touring with Creeping Death, Funeral Chic.
  • Who’s excited to hate new In Flames? Also upcoming tour with All That Remains and All Hail the Yeti.
  • Dankest Hour has a Canada tour coming up with Unearth.
  • Teaser from Soilwork.
  • Booooo. Black Crown Initiate replaced two members.
  • Periphery shared a preview of a song. The best thing you can do in the comments about it is say nothing. (I think it sounds sick).
  • There’s a Kickstarter for an Antifa metal fest in Brooklyn.
  • Fractal Universe signs to Metal Blade.
  • Sojourner, Montanka sign to Napalm Records.
  • Sick Of It All, Iron Reagan tour.
  • Atreyu now have their own beer. No word if they claim to have invented beer (good 365 joke).
  • More Slayer “final” tour dates.
  • New Misery Index.
  • New Ancient Bards.
  • Chicago Open Air Fest looks ok.

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