Flush it Friday: M’ordew


What’s the deal with this Mordew novel anyways? Apparently it’s been likened to the Gormenghast novels and mixes influences from Lewis Carroll to Edward Gorey? Apparently it’s very edgy and is FoR aDuLtS oNlY? Apparently it’s got a 50-page glossary and is the first in a planned trilogy? Did I mention it’s about a city built over the corpse of a god? Look at this shid, seriously:

Reminds me of the Gashlycrumb Tinies

It will definitely be a dense read, and I’m fresh off a binge of Discworld novels, so I’m not sure how this will play out tonally. Have you heard the hype about this thing? MORE SPECIFICALLY, DO YOU KNOW ANY SERIES’ THAT ARE WRITTEN WELL AND DON’T DIP IN QUALITY 1/2 WAY THROUGH BOOK 2? Let me know along with your G/B/Us after you peruse. ~<3 Roldy

Tha Boiz mourn the tragic passing of Trevor Strnad and remember some good times with the veritable legend:

Toilet Radio 370 – We’ll Miss You, Trevor

365 probed for a reason for this robe in this edition of Shirt Stains:

Shirt Stains: Master Of Robeality

Spear is interested in Assumption full album premieres, as you would assume:

Assumption Drag Us Beneath Hadean Tides in This Album Premiere

Carcassbomb rallied a radical roster of riffs for this edition of Free Flush:

Free Flush Vol 16

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