Sunday Sesh: A Local Band Expo


Good morning my fellow Toileteers! Gather round on this fine Sunday morning as we discuss something grand!

As you all know the Toilet loves to introduce new bands to the world. Bands from across the globe and bands right in our backyards, we welcome them with open ears. Today I would like to open discussion for the ones in our backyards. In the past we have done the Best Unsigned Band in America, but I want this to be a more general chat of some stellar bands that you adore. Down below, I would like each of you to present to this worldwide community one of your favorite local bands. Don’t have any bands in your town? That is okay, give us one from your state. No bands in your state? Yes there are. DO SOME RESEARCH. Preferably a lesser known act, but not necessarily someone brand new to the scene. For example: Pantera started a few towns over from where I live so technically they are a local band, but they have reached maximum levels of success so everybody and their uncle knows their music already. Therefore they are not a band to be mentioned this day.

To have everyone on the same page: include a short (or long if you want) description of the band and their music, a facebook page and a bandcamp link if they have one. Disqus. Repeat. Easy as that!

My pick: American Sharks.

American Sharks are a power trio from the great city of Austin, Texas and play a unique blend of Punk and Rock and Roll with a tad bit of Stoner/Doom thrown in. They’ve toured with the likes of Clutch, Gwar and The Sword, so you know they’re in good company. As you can tell by their website name,, these dudes have a good sense of humor and deliver fast-paced party-ready tunes for you and your friends. The band is very tight, the bass growls, the drums pound and the guitar weaves Chuck Berry-esque solos (a personal favorite of mine) throughout fast and loud power chord riffs. Grab a beer, give a nice “OVERDRIVE!” yell and commence to party, or beat your head in with a lead pipe*, whichever you prefer.


Fast and upbeat not your style? Throw their vinyl on your turntable, play at 33 rpm and hear some ferocious doom.


*See “XVI” lyrics

Now it is your turn! Share one of your favorite local bands, a funny story, a live performance experience, ANYTHING!

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