Tech Death Twofer: Infinite Waste/Cyanic


We can skronk if you want to, we can leave your friends behind; but your friends don’t skronk, and if they don’t skronk, well, they’re no friends of mine.

Before we get to that, here are some less skronky news bits:

  • Boreworm have a guitar playthrough/pre-pro version of a new track up and- surprise!- it fucking rips. Look for it on their upcoming EP Entomophobia, due out later this year.
  • If you’ve ever thought that Beyond Creation needed cheesy clean vocals and spoken word passages, then Open the Nile have the album for you! Check out The Efflorescence of Creation right here.
  • Severed Crotch have a new song streaming at Metal Hammer. It’s pretty low-key, starting off with a doomy crawl before kicking into a mid-tempo riff that drips with malice.
  • Newcomers Annihilist have released their debut, Vol. 1. Stab here for some aggressive melodic death metal with strong technical leanings.
  • For those of you craving flashy instrumentals, look no further than Dark Matter Secret. Their two-song EP Xenoform delivers some sweet guitar and fretless bass worship with a dash of synth rounding out the package.
  • In your weekly Obscura news, the band has released the title track from their upcoming album, Akroasis. It’s currently available on Spotify (or if you prefer a more obskvre service, Deezer).

I have W. to thank for pointing me towards this little gem. Cyanic and Inifinite Waste are a match made in hell, coming together in disharmonious unity for an absolutely vile split. Cyanic kicks off the action with the appropriately-titled “Pyromancy,” spiraling skywards in a cloud of burning ash and ascending chromatic riffs. It slows only momentarily, allowing the listener to recollect themselves before renewing its assault with dissonant blackened chords. After just under three minutes of punishment, “Pyromancy” gives way to “Death Within,” which is somehow faster and angrier than its predecessor. After opening with a blistering flurry of tapped notes, it assails you with harsh, dissonant chords. One of the things that struck me about this half of the split is that, despite the dissonance and dirty production, it’s performed with a surprising amount of precision. It’s not at all hard to pick out individual notes, though some of the intricacies of the drum and bass parts can be lost on you if you’re not listening closely.

The Infinite Waste side is decidedly grimier than their counterparts. “Death Within” flows perfectly into “Elitist,” which bears a lot of stylistic similarities to Cyanic’s songs. It starts off with the same level of ferocity and builds on that same angular writing style, but it slows down partway through to showcase a heavier, sludgy side to their sound. That continues with “Affluenza,” which also features some nasty d-beat sections and a bit that sounds like Mastodon’s “Iron Tusk.” On the whole though, it reminds me more of Fuck The Facts, not least because of their dual-vocalist approach.

If you’ve been craving something filthy and heavy but featuring masterful musicianship, then look no further. This split is available here for the ridiculously low price of free (or $5 if you want a CD). Until next time,

Stay Tech

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