TMP: Cattle Decapitation, Vastum, Cult Of Luna, and More!


Going to be honest, I haven’t listened to any of this. I don’t even know what genre some of these are. At some point I’ll leave myself more time to give you sassy news.

Cattle Decapitation


I think Bask is OK? I forget.

Maybe this Perihelion is good too?

  • Opeth, Graveyard North American tour.
  • Cult Of Luna, Emma Ruth Rundle, Intronaut North American tour. I’ll be at this one.
  • Listen to Deez Nuts.
  • New track from Hideous Divinity.
  • New Sorxe.
  • 28 seconds of Exhumed.
  • Look What I Did with a track called “Hands Off My Snacks”
  • SUNN O))) is back.
  • Rob Halford doing…something.
  • Aaron Turner solo track.
  • Surprise Rosetta EP.
  • New Lacuna Coil, album out Friday.
  • Micawber covering King Diamond

And also:

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