TMP: Testament, Devin Townsend, and More! (I Hope)


This week is a crowdfunding news week, I am falling asleep as I type so I need some help from my astute readers to help fill in this news day.

In jealous of Europeans news, Devin Townsend is touring with BTBAM and Fallujah.

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German Melodic and/or Power Metal band Freedom Call released a new song off their upcoming album.

Peter Tägtgren of Hypocrisy has a side project called Pain. He released a new song out off the album, which will be out September 9th.

Lotus Thief announced the title of their highly anticipated second album, and that they have signed to German label Prophecy Productions during the week. The follow up to 2014’s Rervm will be titled Gramarye and is set to be released during the Northern Hemisphere’s coming Autumn (i.e. “Cold Make Leaf Go Brown and Fall Down” or whatever you weirdos call it). They also posted some art which I can only guess is affiliated with the album somehow, as it wasn’t made explicitly clear in the press release. (- Lizard)


Throwback thrashers Hellbringer, from Australia’s capital city Canberra, can certainly not be bashed for false advertising. The trio’s titular track from their upcoming LP Awakened from the Abyss shows the band are about to bring the all the damn hell on August the 19th. On first play through I got a strong Hell Awaits vibe from the track, which is always welcome in my books. If you’re anything like this lizard, you’ll be hitting that pre-order button as soon as possible!

Seriously, did anything happen in the last few days?

Please light me up on what I missed in the comments!

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