Flush it Friday: Diurnals are COWARDS!


It will come to you as no surprise that I am a creature of the night, but lately, my Online Nocturnal Persona (sounds like some nerd black merol shid lamo, somebody call Shagrath) has begun bleeding into normie life. By that, I mean my sleep schedule is utterly rekt and I’m now sleeping most of the day. I blame the dull cheese-grater of reality and Alan Moore’s Saga of the Swamp Thing. Why yes, this FiF is late because I woke up at exactly 4:20pm EST after a long nap, one I woke from wondering why I had these gross meathooks instead of flight feathers. My dumplings, it has been a week. Let’s take a look at some of the good our community dumped into the bowl lately! ~<3 Roldy

McNulty Deathsieged the means of riffduction with this premiere:

Premiere: Deathsiege – “Dehumanized in Darkness”

Tha Boiz laffed at a dumb band being terrible folks (irl and on Twitter, but where’s the dividing line?) on Toilet Radio:

Toilet Radio 393 – Accused ov Manslaughter NOT Murder

Beavis Christ Gundam down with a review of Stormland‘s The Human Cost:

Review: Stormland — The Human Cost

To G/B/U or G/B/Un’t, that is the easiest question.

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