Flush it Friday: A Storm of Dumplings


Based on the advanced business acumen displayed at Tw*tter by highly-anticipated genius El*n M*sk, TovH Discord has recently seen an influx of wayward souls, eager for a place to shitpost and connect with their e-pals. Are you interested in escaping the clutches of this man-child’s rapidly sinking “software company?” Do you want to see horribly cursèd content, while somehow still avoiding toxicity? Looking for hot metal singles (and EPs) in your area? Allow us to introduce ourselves. You can get an invite by DM’ing Mr. Joe Thrashnkill on Tw*tter, sending a message to toiletovhell@gmail.com, DM’ing me on Discord, or asking in the TovH Zuccbook group. We look forward to the wacky and/or zany times that await us with our new friends!

Stick and Hans DP’d (dual-premiered) this new track from This is the Last Time:

Premiere: This is the Last Time – Small Framed Deliberate Fast Simple Feelings

Ian sat on his ass with Candlemass for this interview/Toilet Radio (ft. Tha Boiz) combo:

Toilet Radio 402 – The Candlemass Episode

Diary of Doom nailed us with this Foehammer album premiere:

Album Premiere: Foehammer – Monumentum

We served up some mini morsels from our Michelin-star maestros:

Mini Reviews From Around the Bowl (11/17/22)

The Riff Raff podcast explored the grim reality of extinction…with Extinction (ft. our very own Snooty McWords!) and Carlos of Conflicto:

Riff Raff Podcast [EP.64] Crimes Against Wildlife

Flush yourself into friendship. G/B/Us below, as you would assume. And I hope to see you soon. ~<3 Roldy

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