TMP: Cyber Monday Sales, The Ocean, Hour of Penance, and More!


Four day weekends are great for a lot of reasons, but the Monday after is a cruel retribution. Let the struggle begin while you catch up on some metal news and all the best Cyber Monday sales.

There’s still time for some Cyber Monday deals. Here are just a few, but many bands are having their own deals, so if you’ve been sleeping on an album, now’s the time to see if there’s a price drop:

Amon Amarth are headlining a European tour featuring Dark Tranquility and Omnium Gatherum starting in March.


This is a weird thing. A one day cruise in Stockholm will blast your face with metal on the open seas for 23 hours.


Death metal band Hour of Penance have a new song out. New album coming January 27.

Bethlehem posted another song. Album out December 2.

  • The Ocean should have a new album out in the fall.
  • Brent Hinds broke his leg starting his motorcycle somehow, so the upcoming Giraffe Tongue Orchestra shows will be canceled.
  • Cannabis Corpse are basically done with their next album.
  • Torche seems to be done setting up their new lineup after the departure of their guitarist.
  • One of my favorite post-hardcore groups, Eidola, started work on their third LP.
  • NSBM affiliated group Graveland had a concert protested to cancellation in Montreal.
  • Earsplit put together another nice list of current tours, so check this list if you want to see a show and don’t know what’s out there.

What did I miss?

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