TMP-Extra: In Mourning, Revocation, Black Tusk & More!


There was so much news to report, The Stick said “Bye” and went back to going to 40 IL breweries in 3 months (intervention, anyone?), leaving me to handle half of them. I have a life, dammit.

In Mourning has, once more, parted ways with their drummer. Amicably, by the looks of it, and are prepared to enter studio once their ranks are full again. Thusly do they proclaim:
“The collaboration between Daniel and In Mourning has unfortunately come to an end. We are really glad that our paths crossed and that we got to know each other, we sure have had some good and fun times together and surely will in the future as well. We would like to thank Daniel for his tremendous efforts on Afterglow and on the shows we have done together. We wish Daniel the very best in all hisfuture endevours.

It’s no secret that we’re working on new stuff, in fact we have been working on material for a new album for about 18 months and now we are at a point where we have pretty much a whole new album prepared. And now we are looking for a new drummer.”

If you want in, you can message them via their facebook page and send them your cover of “The Call To Orion”

To coincide with their Japanese dates (22 – 24 of September), Horna will be releasing a very special album called Kasteessa Kirottu through Zero Dimensional Records. “Kasteessa Kirottu” is a special release made of unearthed songs which were never recorded before. Dating back as far as days when we had not even recorded the first demo “Varjoissa” back in 1995, stretching between the years until 1999. Only one song composed during recent times is included as it was never intended to be for Horna, but sometimes changes etch their mark in time. This is in no way a real new album but represents early influences and as such, features material which to many may seem an oddity yet is still Horna to the fullest extent.

Stratovarius, the Finnish power metal stalwarts/legends/old guys released a new song “Oblivion” from their upcoming compilation Enigma: Intermission II. It will contain three new songs, four orchestral version of old songs and a bunch of rarities. Get it via earMUSIC on September 28th, new album to follow next year.

Revocation released the title track for their upcoming record The Outer Ones

Whitechapel is touring! Now with a lot of Chelsea Grin, Oceano and Slaughter To Prevail. I do me a believe it’s some sort of an anniversary tour for the tenth anniversary of This Is Sparta

  • Arch/Matheos, a band renowned for reuniting Fates Warning vocalist John Arch with Fates Warning guitarist Jim Matheos for the first time since 1987, (unless we count Arch 2003 EP A Twist of Fate, but for some reason no one ever does) re-signed to Metal Blade

  • Street Sects absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are a fan. [Insert obligatory joke about how you’re in for a world of hurt, and need to watch out for the mules. They kick]
    Hissing has a new song out, and as it turns out, their name is appropriate.
  • When no one was looking, Randy Rampage, known for the vocals on Annihilator’s Alice In Hell, passed away at 58.
  • Tengger Cavalry isn’t done after all. Yay?
  • Doro’s organizing a wine & cheese tasting. And we’re all outta wine, boy.
  • Kadavar is going through some rough times.
  • MaYan dhYana is a band that has a new song out. Or is a new song by a band? A band and a song? Anyways, there’s music and it’s closer to singer-songwriter folk with Tarja Turunen than anything resembling metal that I kinda remember them doing before, but it’s okay.
  • Close your eyes and listen to “Closed Eyes”, a new song by Black Tusk. Or don’t, I’m not your mom.
  • Beyond The Veil, A Cloak
  • Prog out with your blintz out, or whatever it is that you socially awkward prog nerds do while listening to favourite music.  But do it to this new Plini song, and please, keep it indoors. There are children here,
  • Erra // NEON // Out Now – Catch them on Summer Slaughter (isn’t that over by now?)
  • The Artist Formerly Known As Devil You Know – Light The Torch – presents “Die Alone
  • Einherjer are spreing their vingen on November 9th.
  • Newest Abhorrence track is abhorrent, scathing flush to follow.
  • Turisas keeps promising a new album
  • Praise the Lord – KING’S X has vowed to enter studio after a ten year hiatus
  • You can suffer knowing that once Dark Millenium recorded albums like Ashore The Celestial Burden, and now they do this instead. Truly this is the worst universe.
  • Stream the latest Burial Shrine
  • Helloween’s going to release a live album early next year, and start work on their next studio album – actually featuring Kiske and Hansen as well – to be released in 2020. While good news for any power metal nerd, I’m mostly bummed we still won’t be getting Gamma Ray with Frank Beck on the vocals. And I guess this also means no more Unisonic?
  • While Kai Hansen is busy not being in Gamma Ray, it’s guitarist and drummer are keeping themselves occupied in The Unity 



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