TMP: Torche, Trivium, Enthroned, and More!


The Game of Thrones is over. Can’t believe Ned Stark came back from the dead to win it all! It hasn’t aired as I write this, so I’m just assuming.

New Enthroned.

New fuzzy stuff from Torche, tour too.

One of the Batushkas put out some mediocrity.

Another very good Baroness single.

  • Another new one from Hate.
  • Killswitch, Clutch tour.
  • BTBAM, Contortionist tour.
  • Summer’s Laughter tour announced.
  • Boris North American tour.
  • Born of Osiris tour.
  • New Slipknot is bad.
  • Toilet friends Those Darn Gnomes announced a new album and dates. Sample too.
  • The Sound and Fury in CA has a lot of bands I don’t know.
  • Stoner rock from Faerie Ring.
  • Hellyeah lol.
  • Get your “Bricks out for Harambe” with the new NBDC track.
  • Trivium released a track.
  • Sannhet made a single.
  • Mike Patton having some fun on a collab LP.
  • Exhorder made their first album since 1992.
  • Brutal stuff from Disentomb.

And the rest:

Message from Juha from Swallow The Sun/Trees Of Eternity/Hallatar:

“Dear friends, I will tell you soon more about the plans of working on and finishing Aleah’s solo album, and releasing it to the world. I wanted it to be out already this spring, but writing and touring Hallatar and the new Swallow the Sun album has taken almost everything from me, for now..

Me, Fredrik, Mattias and Kai have also been talking about recording some un-released Trees of Eternity raw demos and share those beautiful sparks to the world in near future as the last Trees of Eternity EP called “Silver Star”. Then my promise to her to bring out as much of her music and words as I just can, is fullfilled. “

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