Shirt Stains: Behemoth Dumps


Alternative title: Behemoth = shit?

It is ya boi Joe Thrashnkill filling in for 365 Days of Horror on the regular shirt-making-fun-of beat. Shirt Stains isn’t my column so can someone let me know if he’s already covered Behemoth? Never ever? Not even once? Tight. I’m always thrilled to cover fresh new ground for the Toilet.

As a busy metal fan, I need t-shirts that reflect my inner strife and rage. I need t-shirts with a bad ass motherfucking skeleton on them. But who has time to drive from truck stop to truck stop and sift through piles of “Blue Lives Matter” and “Sexy Grandma” shirts in search of a tee with a skeleton warrior and the words, “Certified Bad Ass” printed across it? That’s why I use Awesome Skulls Dot Com.

hell yeah, bitch

At Awesome Skulls Dot Com you can get the bad ass skull t-shirt that fits your lifestyle. Are you the lone wolf-type? There’s a shirt with an antisocial image for you. Are you a blue collar man that works hard and don’t take no shit from no one? There’s a tee for you? Are you a loving father that’s overly concerned with his teenage daughter’s sexuality? Awesome Skulls Dot Com has you covered.

But there’s more! Awesome Skulls Dot Com has shirts for the entire family! Pick something up for the wife – and the girlfriend hahaha! Folks, we like to joke around a bit here. But seriously, you can even pick up a shirt for your precious little ones. Does your toddler hate posers and love shitting in his or her pants? Awesome Skulls Dot Com has the shirt for you.

Awesome Skulls Dot Com sells this toddler size t-shirt to let the world know that while they’ve not yet mastered continence, your child has a keenly developed taste in extreme metal. In just one witty saying, your offspring can communicate that there’s a giant wad of poop in their nappy and it stinks enough to be confused for the recorded output of Adam “Nergal” Darski. Don’t delay, navigate your browser to Awesome Skulls Dot Com now and order this totally legitimate, not at all bootleg toddler tee!

This message has been a paid advertisement for Awesome Skulls Dot Com. The views expressed in this ad do not necessarily reflect the views of Toilet ov Hell writers, nor our other sponsors. Joe got paid in bad ass skeleton tees for this product placement.

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