TMP: Devin Townsend, Equipoise, Grand Magus, and More!


WHY IS IT STILL COLD!? Anyway, great new jams today.

New Devin Townsend! I sorta enjoyed the first spin but really need to give it another go and/or see it in context with the rest of the album, I think.

The Damned Things, (ETID, Anthrax) have a new one out. Not bad.

Equine Porpoise (Equipoise) are streaming a new one.

New tech from Fractal Universe.

  • New Riparian.
  • Um. Urine of Abomination? Excuse me?
  • New stuff from Sinmara that I forgot to mention until reminded by the riff-raff. Rules.
  • Vaura (Kayo Dot, Gurguts, Tombs), have a new song.
  • Not crazy about the new Helms Alee.
  • Antropomorphia is too many syllables.
  • An Inter Arma Adult Swim single.
  • TripSitter is Austrian hardcore.
  • New Idea Society (Cave in, Russian Circles) have a new single.
  • Mark Morton (LoG) has a track with Alter Bridge, AiC, and Korn members.
  • New Brujeria, doing their usual thing.
  • Borknagar’s vocalist quit the band.
  • Capsize are probably done amid a sexual misconduct allegation.
  • Another Whitechapel.
  • Some more Horndal.
  • New Wormwitch sounds pretty decent.
  • Tigeraid’s guys Grand Magus have a new track.
  • Enforcer doesn’t know what year it is.
  • Remastered Incantation.
  • Lee Mckinney (Born of Osiris guitarist) doing a solo album. Single here.
  • Felix Martin playing a… guitar? Two guitars? Zero heads. Idk.
  • Venom Inc, Exmortus North American tour.
  • Scott Stapp signed to Napalm Records, so keep an eye out for that. I guess.

Music that might be ok but I haven’t had a chance to listen:

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