R.I.P. Warrel Dane, 1961 – 2017


We wake up to some gutting news today.

I don’t even know how to approach this news, Warrel Dane of Sanctuary and Nevermore died of a heart attack last night at 56 years of age.

Nevermore is my all-time favorite band. Their music got me through high school, college, heartbreak, and general pain and sadness, due in large part to the emotional connection that came from Warrel’s unique and haunting voice. When I listened to his vocals and read his lyrics, I related to them instantly. I understood that there was someone out there who felt like I did, and who was able to express it like no other.

Love it or hate it, Warrel’s voice was truly one of a kind, and I can’t believe I have to talk about it in the past tense now.

Goodbye Warrel, and thank you for everything.

And when there’s nothing more left to dream
And nowhere left to wander
The memories will be there for you
To give you peace of mind


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