TMP: Firtan, Parius, Dying Fetus, and More!


As opposed to the last few weeks, we got some bangers this week.

Excellent disso death from Firtan.

Diggin this black metal from Decipher.

Sweet prog death from Lamentations.

More excellent prog tech from Parius.

  • This post-metal from Irist is shaping up to be a fave for the year.
  • Cool atmoblack from Ellende featuring an HFTS member.
  • It’s been a minute since we had new Dying Fetus.
  • Pretty good Coheed clone, Mandroid Echostar released a new one.
  • Big ol death from Vacuous.
  • New track from Exhumed and also a big tour with some good death bands.
  • Voidhanger doomy weirdness from Black Terrain with Botanist, Lotus Thief and Kayo Dot members.
  • Mullet, big sunglasses, and a dog metal from Sxokondo.
  • A nice 20-minute slab of atmoblack from Unreqvited.
  • Industrial pop? from The Ocean’s drummer’s Fern project.
  • Grindy noisy black metal from Blodkvalt.
  • Something from the lighter side of Kevin Hufnagel (Dysrhythmia), Veldune, released an album last Friday. It’s neat!
  • Worm released a longer teaser.
  • Chunky death from Ingested.
  • Facepaint black metal from Theotoxin.
  • Uplifting post-metal from Constellatia.
  • More from the stalwarts in Goatwhore.
  • New track from alphabetizing nightmare band name …And Oceans.
  • Bree bree from Perversity Denied.
  • Death thrash from Miscreance.
  • New In Flames.
  • Tension Span
  • Sator
  • Vanguardian
  • Suicide Silence
  • Black Anvil
  • Hoaxed
  • Oceans
  • Imprecation
  • No.
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