Amerakin Overdose – Agastopia: A Video Breakdown


I am a real Amerakin. Fight for the fetishes of every man.

Remember in the earlier months of the pandemic when people were wondering aloud what all the pauses and cancellations would mean for the arts and entertainment? Lots of people, ourselves included, speculated on what lockdowns would do to creative endeavors. Would styles change with the unprecedented times? What kind of new music genres would we get? Is the next great band currently jamming via Zoom? Are the tired, outdated practices of old finally going to be put out to pasture? Now that everything seems to be “back to normal” we can safely say “Nope, nothing changed.”

While there may have been minor shifts and adjustments, things feel like they’ve been kind of frozen. Delayed tours picked right back up, festivals are full force, and yeah, even pay-to-play disaster fests are back. If we’re being even more reflective, it feels like we’ve been stuck since the mid 2010’s. Need proof? I did a Video Breakdown of Portland, Oregon’s Amerakin Overdose in 2015 and now they’re back. They’re still working their gimmick in 2022 and they’ve got two syringes full of freedom to inject you directly into the heart. Let’s break it down.



Agastopia is “The fetishistic admiration of a specific body part.”
Hope you people are really into elbows and taints.


Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down.


It looks like Amerakin Overdose has more member stability than Mushroomhead. Good for them!


A while back, Amerakin Overdose were having a little feud with 36 Crazyfists.
36CF have since had a falling out while AO is still around. They’re 2-0!


Upon further review, the band also feuded with Otep who referred to one of the
members as an “anal gland.” Judges rule this one a draw. 2-0-1!


Vocalist Cody Perez’s instagram is full of pictures of his cute dog. 3-0-1!
You’re killing it so early in the season, Amerakin Overdose.


Oh, no. Is jumping up and down still a thing at shows?
My knees and back scream in disappointment. 3-1-1!


Not enough Starbie 66 in this video. Am I avoiding talking about how the lights make me want
Rainbow Italian ices or bands still working a questionable gimmick for 7 years? Maybe! 3-2-1!


Well, it wasn’t a perfect season, but Amerakin Overdose managed to have a winning record.

Thanks to ToH reader Ronaldo for bringing this to my attention. Ronaldo, you are a monster.

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