Flush it Friday: The Snacks of Surrender


I learned a great deal from dry humorist David Sedaris when I was a teenager, but even more from his oft-mentioned lout of a brother, Paul. David’s writing on his brother’s blithe forms of empathy gave me a phrase I use to this day: The Fuck-It Bucket. The term originates from Paul’s habit of showing up at the door of his loved ones with a bucket of candy and snacks, telling them in basic terms, “When shit brings you down, just say ‘fuck it’, and eat yourself some motherfucking candy.”

On this week’s occasion of soured forfeiture, I introduced my husband to this term during our extremely rushed move-out yesterday, when we were dealing with the last big chunks of furniture and rug cleaning, and nowhere near enough manpower to handle all of them before hopping on a plane to our own wedding party with family. The mistakes were made in the planning stages weeks ago and there was really nothing else to do. We both sat up against the wall and came to a joint decision to say “Fuck it”, and spend the afternoon eating chips and watching floor TV. I hope the landlord likes our crappy TV set and crappy dining room table.

What do you put in your fuck-it bucket? When was the last time you pulled it out and called it a fuckin’ day?

Our big feature this week was a surprise visit from Jason Kolkey, giving us a reflective and sobering interview with Extra Life:

Reborn From the Flames: How Charlie Looker Brought New Life to Extra Life

We also got the good ol’ boys of Toilet Radio slopping up a serving of sarcasm, savaging blog favorite shitweasel Jeremy Spencer’s new project:

Toilet Radio 389 – A.I. Town Concrete

Not to mention the reliable TTT and TMP. My rec is The Callous Daoboys.

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