Cops Go Undercover to Harass Juggalos


Law enforcement continues to target Insane Clown Posse fans.

Last Thursday night, face painted rap duo Insane Clown Posse performed a sold-out show at the Bourbon Theater in Lincoln, Nebraska. I’m sure it was a great set aside from the presence of three undercover police officers, face-painted as Juggalos, diehard fans of ICP. For some reason, Lincoln PD was so proud of their work they decided to boast about issuing tickets to fans on both Facebook and Twitter.

Even in clown paint, the dude in the middle is the most cop looking cop that ever copped.

People, as you may or may not know, enjoy consuming illicit substances during live concert performances of all varieties of music, from twee ukulele acts featured on NPR to horrorcore clown rap straight outta Shangri-la. But it’s not a surprise that the latter was targeted by Lincoln police. This harassment comes on the heels of last year’s Juggalo March on Washington DC, in which the wicked clowns and thousands of their fans came together to protest their absurd designation as a gang by the FBI. Late last year, an appeals court threw out the band’s lawsuit that challenged the classification. For now, Juggalos are still somehow a threat to the police.

The entire thing is ridiculous and infuriating. If you’d like to learn more about ICP’s fight against law enforcement, check out our conversation with one of the organizers of the Juggalor March, Kevin Gill.

Toilet Radio Talks Juggalos, Video Games, and Wrestling with Kevin Gill

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