TMP: Mesarthim, Asphyx, Destrage, and More!


I don’t have any tour announcements this week, so to make up for it I collected a smorgasbord of song premiers. Come listen and make your (probably negative) opinion heard!

Thy Catafalque (avant-prog weirdness) have a second song out off their September 17 release.

Everyone’s favorite space black metal band, Mesarthim, released their/his second full length album yesterday. They don’t seem to be big on pre-release promotion.

I’m sure most fans have already listened to the new Meshuggah song. It’s certainly more of the same, which could be good or bad, depending on your tastes.

Their first album since 2012, Asphyx are back with some new old death metal. The album will be out at the end of September.

With the final installment in a conceptual trilogy, Veilburner announced a new album and a song to sample. Shit’s heavy.

In Flames released two new songs off their upcoming album. I don’t have much experience with the band, but so far the reception has been middling to poor.

  • After the weird breakup of Agalloch, I was eagerly awaiting news of what the core members would do next. Now we know! The three of them joined forces with a member of Giant Squid and formed a band called Khôrada. They say this new band will be a departure from their previous bands’ sounds, but hopefully not too much. Full post here.
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers is going to tour with Babymetal in the UK, for some fucking reason.
  • Entheos added a guitarist from Scale the Summit to the band, making them the proggiest band in the world that doesn’t really make progressive music.
  • Italian spazzoid metal band Destrage posted “30.8.16” on their facebook page, so give them a like and wait for tomorrow.
  • Obituary announced a live album with a few new tracks added.
  • Whores has a new album coming October 28. Teaser video here.
  • Hierophant announced a new album coming in November. Check out a track here.
  • Myopic announced they will be entering the studio this weekend to record material for a release on Grimoire Records. Featured in a Dubya vs Lacertilian rekkid swap here.
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