Flush-It Friday: Getting Distracted By Video Game OST’s Edition


This week’s Flush-It Friday is brought to you by the soundtrack to Guilty Gear, in that I was jamming out to it and nearly forgot to write this until about 15 minutes before publication. More specifically, it’s the fault of “Holy Orders: Be Just Or Be Dead,” the character theme for an anime twink who’s so metal he’s named after two other metal guys. Seriously though, even if fighting games aren’t your thing, this series’ soundtrack rips, and you should give it a listen.

But enough about that, here’s what happened this week in Toiletland:

Kronos gave us the rundown on some dirty death metal:

Review: Upon the Altar – Absid Ab Ordine Luminis

Breno and 365 clued us in on the hottest new source of news: a weird bat-winged troll man:

Toilet Radio 292 – The Mortiis News Network

Hans led us down the Path of Wrath:

Review: Wolf King – The Path of Wrath

Rolderathis got back on his bird shit:

Nature is Beautiful (Vol. VIII – Metal is for the Birds)

The weekend approaches, my dudes. Let’s flush this shitty fucking week down the filthiest, nastiest toilet ov hell.

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