TMP: Skeletonwitch, Usnea, Baroness, and More!


People will be kicking a sphere around for the next month, to much fanfare. Do we have fans loyal to any specific teams here? I usually just root for the extreme underdogs. Unrelated, if you happen to be somewhere along the path of the current Dischordia tour and you don’t go, you are a poser of the highest degree.

Usnea announced a North American tour.

Protest the Hero’s drummer has a new solo hardcore project that sounds pretty great.

New track from Skeletonwitch, still excited for this one.

New Deafheaven track, if you missed it last week.

  • Leprous dropped a single last week that I totally missed.
  • Here’s a recording of the Caleb Scofield tribute show.
  • Here’s that new Obscura track again.
  • Archspire announced a Canadian tour.
  • Sumac announced an album with a teaser.
  • Abigail Williams is touring with Ghost Bath and Wolvhammer.
  • The Black Queen shared a teaser video.
  • Myrkur announced a UK tour.
  • All Pigs Must Die East Coast dates.
  • Madball released a new track.
  • Baroness is almost done recording and I am unreasonably excited.
  • Members of Napalm Death and Anaal Nathrakh made a new band called Born to Murder the World. Here’s a track.
  • As I Lay Dying did a video discussion of why they reunited. Someone else watch it for me and tell me what mental backflips they do.
  • New black metal from The Spirit.
  • Too much eye contact in this Baest video.
  • New from Bury Tomorrow.
  • Get proggy with new Erra.
  • Psychdoomish stuff from Black Mirrors.
  • Dragonlord (members of Testament) has a new track up.
  • Wolf King / Aethere have some west coast dates.
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