Toilet Radio 429 – On Tour with “The Christian GWAR” (feat. Uzkost)


This week, on a very special episode of Toilet Radio, we’re joined by Josh of Uzkost to talk all things Christian metal. Last week, as you may recall, we watched Metal Missionaries to learn about Christian metal. Josh happened to join one of the bands featured in that documentary and tells us the tale of “the worst musical experience of [his] life” playing shows with Grave Robber on tour. We also talk about new music coming from Uzkost and discuss the origin of so much misogyny, the story of Eve. We also talk about Josh’s childhood playing 150 shows a year in a Christian rock n’ roll band and watch the sequel to last week’s documentary – True American Black Metal – a documentary that doesn’t really focus on American or black metal bands. Puzzling. Finally, Josh gives us some suggestions for Christian metal that doesn’t suck (I’m currently listening to Tourniquet per his recommendation – it’s rockin’). This is a killer episode, folks.

Wanna help? You can learn more about Josh’s work with Community Care & Resistance in Pittsburgh right here.

Music featured on this ‘sode:
Uzkost – For Property and Profit

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