Riff Of The Week: Alien Edition


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Before we greet our visitors, let’s take a look at the results from our 3rd Album, 5th Song Edition. As many predicted, it came down to a battle between the heavyweights of Morbid Angel and Death.

This week our theme was Alien.
Here’s what you sent in…

Tomb Mold- ‘Cerulean Salvation’ (Riffs @ 0:13, 1:18 & 2:39)

Let’s pay tribute to the sacred ootheca* the mystery snails (Pomacea bridgesii) keep depositing in my spouse’s aquarium by jamming some Tomb Mold. This one is off their latest EP and is about becoming some sort of dusty gas cloud energy being (alien?) or something. It has at least 3 choice riffs AND some inhuman gurgles/chirps at the end, so close enough right? Also that artwork >>>>.

*Please note I still have no clue if its considered an egg mass or ootheca. Ootheca just rolls of the tongue better.

Howard Deanzig
Megadeth – “Hangar 18” (Riff @ 1:59)

This fruit hangs like a 90-year old’s nutsack but I do not have fucks to give. This track is known more for the series of increasingly gnarly solos that Dave Mustaine and Marty Friedman trade back and forth, but the main riff is a banger and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Inoculation – ‘Hypnotic Regression’ (Riff @ 2:00)

I can’t praise our handsome Spear enough for introducing us to scores and scores of amazing tech death bands, for instance Inoculation (https://toiletovhell.com/tech-death-thursday-inoculation-pure-cosmic-dread/). Not only is the covert art a prime contender for Best Artwork, and the logo worthy of Best Logo; the music is quite tasty. This song incorporates a ton of tempo changes, but the real bread winner comes at the two minute mark when they turn the dial up to classic Megadeth speed. (Listen to the full song for your alien reference.)

Iron Goddess of Mercy
Blood Incantation – “Mephitic Effluvia” (Riff @ 3:05)

Yes, the title of this track is #redundant, and yes, I am selecting what might be the most (only?) straight-forward riff in BI’s catalogue, but I am but a humble and simple (and beautiful) goddess. You can smell the abject stench belching forth from the writhing alien mass that (dis)graces the cover of this split 7″. That thing hasn’t cleaned its tendrils in weeks! A nosehair-singeing image befitting both this track and this band full of humanoid riff beasts clearly from an alternate dimension.

Gigan – ‘Cosmic Triangular Communications’ (Riff @ 0:16)

Resisting the urge to revisit one of my extraterrerstrially experienced ex’s (Expander & Execration) I went with the indisputably interdimensional beings from Gigan. The riff @ 0:16 requires an untold number of alien appendages and an extremely enlarged cranial cavity to comprehend. I don’t get it…but it sounds cool as shit. Especially when it comes back out the other side of the wormhole around the 1 minute mark and really melts brains.

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