Flush it Friday: A Celebration of Crypto!


Today I’ll be profiling some of the most dynamic, decentralized facets of lmoa #gottem we’re talking Cryptosporidium, ya big dummy. Inspired by the fine state of Massachusetts and its swim team outbreak of devastating diarrheal disease, I dove into the world of these apicomplexan parasitic alveolates, and was fascinated by their ability to utterly trounce chlorine in public pools, providing yet another reason not to wallow in your local giant Petri dish. My friends, if you’ve got mud-butt, just stay at home.

Our new contributor Jake reviewed this beefcake power metal from All For Metal:

Review: All For Metal – Legends

Gage thought this record from Cache was cash money:

Album Premiere: Cache – S/T

Aaron showed us there’s still new left in nu with this Memorrhage review:

Review: Memorrhage – S/T

Joaquin Stick was not disappointed by what he heard from the latest Nott:

Premiere: Nott – “Stasis”

Are you some kind of masochist that tests their gut against public pools? If so, tell me how many diarrheal bouts you’ve had along with your G/B/Us below! ~<3 Roldy

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