TMP: Thank You Scientist, Abbath, Pelican, and More!


Can someone explain Twin Peaks to me? I just finished the first two seasons and the movie and I just don’t get it. Why all the cult love? Anyway, here’s some music.

New Dead to a Dying World is a good.

New death metal from Fetid.

New Thank You Scientist. You Are Welcome.

  • Blood Command with a great track name.
  • Boysetsfire are doing a 25th anniversary Euro tour.
  • New Pelican sounds like Pelican.
  • New Idea Society (Cave In, Sumac) have a new one.
  • Gorod had to back off a kickass tour due to visa issues. Open borders, please.
  • Nerd thrash Paladin joined Prosthetic, new track.
  • Psycho Las Vegas finished their lineup.
  • Cave In released a new track that features Caleb Scofield before he passed.
  • Two new tracks from Nails. Not going to try to make a good joke because Breno took the best one on Twitter.
  • New prog from Avandra.
  • Tomb Mold, Superstition are hitting the East part of the US.
  • Devourment, Misery Index, Other Heaven, Nails are touring this summer.
  • Behemoth is bringing Zeal & Ardor along a Euro tour. Nice work Z&A.
  • Languish, Creeping Death are touring the southwest.
  • The second Baroness track if you missed it. Tour announced as well.
  • Intronaut are working on a new one minus an abusive member.
  • Alcest signed with NB and are working on an album.
  • New Abbath coming July 5, first track here.
  • Speed metal from Bewitcher.
  • Eluvietie, Korpiklaani, Gone In April North American tour.
  • New At the Gates, album out May 18.
  • Death metal from Firespawn.
  • New Dreadnought in case you missed it early last week.
  • Gost single.
  • New Martyrdod, album coming May 10.
  • More cartoon metal from Belzebubs.
  • Some more Vaura.
  • One hell of a video from Call Of The Void.
  • New single from the Visible Goth.
  • One more Grand Magus before the release Friday.
  • Space pirate metal from Majestica.

And the rest:

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