The Making Of Converge’s Jane Doe at Berklee College Of Music


Do you love Jane Doe? I know I do. You can find out more about this legendary record, arguably Converge’s best, by watching this conversation between Kurt Ballou, Matthew Ellard (the engineer/producer of Jane Doe) and Susan Rogers at the Berklee College of Music.

Although this lecture happened in 2013, the video was recently shared on Kurt Ballou’s Facebook page.


This is a worthy watch not only for fans of the band but also for anyone that is interested in the intricacies of the recording process. The film credits go to Nice Hooves, a great hardcore punk band from Detroit. Check out their Bandcamp and be sure to throw them a like on Facebook. For Professor Matthew Ellard’s page, refer here; for more information on Professor Susan Rogers, check out the bio on her Berklee page.

14 years after its release, Jane Doe remains a milestone in heavy music – a record worthy of essential status. Whether you like it or not, it should be listened to.

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