TMP: Vallenfyre, Devin Townsend, Indian, and More!


If my count is correct, this is my 50th news roundup, so two away from my first birthday! I accept birthday presents in the form of Bandcamp gifts, but only things that a one-year-old might listen to.

Check out this sweet festival in the Netherlands.

Neurosis and Converge have a handful of dates coming up.

Mutoid Man have a new song out for their upcoming LP, due June 2. This is fun. Check out some tour dates here as well.

New Vallenfyre is here for your earholes.

Need some power/melo death? Unleash the Archers has a new video/song.

  • Devin Townsend said in an interview that he may be close to the end of the “Devin Townsend Project” style. Link to the full interview here.
  • Vintersorg is releasing a new album on June 30. It’s a double album (albeit disc 2 only having 4 songs) titled Till Fjälls, del II, a spiritual successor to the themes of his/their debut.
  • Ensiferum is making good progress on recording their next album. The drums & most of the bass have been recorded as a full band, to better preserve the live energy.
  • The Cavalera brothers continue their Return To Roots trek over Europe, and Max plans a Nailbomb tour for the nostalgia-hungry.
  • Max Harvey, lately of Gruesome, is getting back at it with gore veterans Exhumed!
  • Full of Hell debuted another song. Album out May 5.
  • Intronaut had to cancel most of their west coast tour, but the bright side is that they will use the time to hopefully have a new album out this year. Sucks for all those fans, but I’m not complaining.
  • Implore decided to cancel their US tour due to Trump issues. Just one of the of many to come, I’m sure.
  • Night Demon premiered a new video over at Loudwire.
  • Indian (doom) announced a new album is on the way.
  • Converge will begin recording a new album soon.
  • You probably heard that Sleep is back in the studio unless you’ve been… sleeping.
  • Joaquin Stick refuses to apologize for a terrible joke, riots ensue.
  • Golden Gods nominations are out. There are some decent bands in there, so go make sure a dude from Asking Alexandria doesn’t win the Dimebag “Shredder” award.
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