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This week on Toilet Radio: The best vibes of the year are upon us right now because Autumn is imminent / We get excited about football and talk about Ozzy performing on NBC for five seconds *skip to 11 minutes if you don’t wanna hear SPORTS TALK* / Getting drunk at the Children of Bodom sauna / Dave Mustaine tells us about his days as the big man on campus / Howard Jones’ Light the Torch can’t afford a reliable vehicle to go on tour with GWAR. Boy, times are tough folks / Getting your band USURPED by a former touring member / The Blue Ridge Rock Festival is the second biggest rock festival in America and it’s run by an alarmingly young Christian promoter. What’s going on here, really? Let’s speculate wildly / The latest advancements in poppunk-ing black metal.

Music featured on this week’s show:
ObsceneDeathless Demigod

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