Witness “The Blinding Light of Purgatory” in Just Over A Minute!


Arizona death grind quartet Languish unleash a misanthropic banger.

Things aren’t going so well for our species. There are optimists that hope for a better future and then there is Languish who have just about had it with all this humanity business. Their vision for the beyond is stark, violent and utterly bleak. With “The Blinding Light of Purgatory”, a brand new cut from their debut LP Unworthy, things are nasty, brutish, and short. Sean Mears, who you’ll recognize as the bassist in Gatecreeper, unhinges his jaw and portends doom for humanity with his barren earth vocals over apocalyptic guitars and drums. Like this track, maybe the best we can hope for is a quick end.

Unworthy drops October 26th. Stay up to date with Languish over on Facebook and preorder Unworthy here.

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