Dünnschism – World Durchfall: A Video Breakdown


Ich weiß, dass die Teile passen

Is grindcore fun? I’m not asking if it’s a genre that you enjoy. I’m asking if it’s actually fun. It’s a question that philosphers have been asking since the dawn of this article. It’s fast, aggressive, brutal, in-your-face, straight-to-the-point, and often with serious and real-life messages. I would say that grindcore isn’t fun. Dünnschism, on the other hand, would say yes.

Hailing from Borne, Germany, Dünnschism describes themselves as fun grind (or sanitär-core). I’m not sure why being sanitary is fun, but maybe something is being lost in the translation. Germans are probably best known for their senses of humor, so this new music video from the band should be a real knee-slapper. Let’s break it down.



Fun for the whole family!


Hi Mom!


It’s so cool that Lars Ulrich let a band borrow his drum set.


More maracas in metal. Or giant novelty lollipops. It’s kind of hard to tell.


I don’t think this is what The Byrds were envisioning when they wrote “Mr. Tambourine Man”.


Listening to fun grindcore may cause sweating, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dry mouth, and maraca balls.


Now he’s off to join Steel Panther.


Dünnschism’s album Gulag Toiletpaper Hell is out next month via Clabasster Records.

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