ToH and Transcending Obscurity Are Giving Away 100 Downloads of Depravity’s Evil Upheaval


Transcending Obscurity is kicking the crap out of everything in its way in 2K18, and leading that charge is the burly and bludgeoning death metal of Depravity‘s Evil Upheaval. Want your own ticket for the train to Crapkickville? Get in here to claim yours!

When I premiered Depravity’s “The Great Divide” last month, I described the track as “ass-grabbingly heavy. In fact, not only do I no longer have an ass thanks to ‘The Great Divide,’ but I actually have negative ass. The Australian quintet’s modern homage to the heaviest of heavy death metal kicked me in the ass so hard that my anal cavity retracted into my colon.” I still stand by that statement as I attempt to hide my asslessness, but I’d take the description of the full record a step further (and a touch briefer). Evil Upheaval is an absolute unit!

But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what some of those other jamokes in the metal blogosphere have said about the latest death metal masterpiece:

– “10 Skulls out of 10” – Amnplify (Australia) 

– “an incredibly strong contender for the top death metal record of this year” – Cadaver Garden (US) 

– “could this be my favourite release of the year? It might very well be” – Insert Review Here (Australia) 10/10

– “You’d struggle to top this for pure death metal fury this year” – The Killchain (UK) 

– “a shock-and-awe onslaught” – No Clean Singing (US) 

– “absolute banger” – Heavy Blog Is Heavy (US)

In case you’re somehow still not convinced, I’ll let the music itself deliver the final ass-handling.


Alright, now that I’ve properly greased your interest pole, allow me to tell you how to make this ass-handling your own. Simply follow the steps below to claim your Golden Ticket.

  1. Send an email to toiletovhell at gmail dot com
  2. Use the Subject line “Depravity Code”
  3. Answer this question: “Who is the label head of Transcending Obscurity?”

If you can be one of the first 100(!) readers to successfully complete these three menial tasks, we’ll email you your very own download code to make this very special death metal record a very special piece of your unique Bandcamp collection.

If, however, you’d still like to toss a few bones the label’s and band’s way, you can find Depravity on Bandcamp here. You can always stay in touch with the band on Facebook! Tell them thanks and buy some merch for making such rad ass-shredding tuneage.

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