Flush it Friday: July 4th


To all the American readers, happy Independence Day this weekend!  Hope you get at least a day off from work and get to enjoy the people around you being drunken pyromaniacs in service to America.  To everyone else, why don’t you live in a better country?  Why even bother getting up in the morning?  You can’t compete with the lack of reproductive rights and military recruiting videos featuring Kid Rock and Godsmack.

Sarcasm only goes so far on the Internet, so I’ll stop here.  But here’s what not stopping: the rain of metal articles like sulfur and brimstone.  Check out some of the steaming hotness we had this past week.

Spear premiered some straight fire from New Zealand that burns like the lava of Mount Doom

Premiere: Exaltation – “Divider of Redemption”

The Boiz check in on some dumb canned brand raining liquid death from above

Toilet Radio 377 – I Don’t Even Like Water

And though it came out last week, they tried to keep us down, but Riff Raff will still bring you to deliverance

Riff Raff Podcast: [EP.60] The (Best?) One with Spear in It

Hope everyone has a great weekend, hit me up with those G/B/U’s below!

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