Premiere: Engulf – “The Nefarious Hive”


This is the death metal I live for.

Monstrous groove. Pestilent chords. A weird bendy bridge. Engulf does it all, and with exceptional aplomb. I probably don’t need to introduce them- we’ve had them around these parts many times before– so let’s just get right to it. Engulf is back with their first full-length record, and we’ve got an absolute beast of a premiere for you here today in “The Nefarious Hive.”

As befitting its insectile title, the song opens on a frantic skittering riff that settles into a midtempo headbanging stomp. Sven de Caluwé of Aborted provides a characteristically feral and dynamic vocal performance here, a flawless pairing with Hal Microutsicos’s guitar work. The whole affair has a Tribal Gaze by way of Revocation feel to it, simultaneously chafing its knuckles on the pavement and projecting its consciousness across the vast reaches of the cosmos. Check this beefy boy out now to get smart while you get stupid:

The Dying Planet Weeps releases January 12th via Everlasting Spew (may they puke in perpetuity)
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