TovH Radio Ep. 33: Featuring BRENOCIDE of THAT’S NOT METAL


On this episode of the Toilet ov Hell Radio Show, Joe and 365 sit down to chop it up with the legendary Brenocide of That’s Not Metal! We talk Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, Deafheaven, killer old school metal, and posers. Holy shit you guys, we called out so many posers. Jose Mangin, you are on notice. Music this week comes from Barrow WightAngel Witch, and Devast.

Music featured in this program:

Barrow Wight – “No Sleep Til Gondor” from Knights in Sauron’s Service (Facebook)(Bandcamp)
Angel Witch – “Angel Witch” from Angel Witch (Facebook)
Devast – “Chaotic Proliferation” from Apocalyptic Human Extinction (Facebook)(Bandcamp)

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