Toilet ov Hell Radio Ep. 15: PIZZA PARTY!!!


On this week’s episode, Randall and Joe are eating pizza, drinking too much beer, and generally ruining the entire show. Join us for discussions about cat poop, Genessee Cream Ale, and sneaking out of the house to see Insect Warfare. We’re jamming on jams from Vanlade, The Seduction, Teeph, Baasthyrian, and Eddie Brock.

Music Featured on this Program:

Vanlade – “Hellrazor” from Rage of the Gods (Facebook)(Bandcamp)
The Seduction – “Under Cover of Darkness” from Bad Seeds on Fertile Ground (Facebook)(Website)(Awards)
Teeph – “Kismet” from their upcoming Widowmaker EP (Facebook)(Bandcamp)
Baasthyrian – “Invoking the Divine Monolith” (Facebook)
Eddie Brock – “Misery Business” from Casa de Diversion Vol. 2 (Facebook)(Bandcamp)

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