Riff ov the Week — POSTPONED


On the off-chance that Masterlord didn’t die in a twisted mess of fire, water, and aluminum-copper precipitation-hardened alloy for daring to get onto an airplane and fly over the fucking seas, he is currently on vacation having an anxiety attack, not enjoying himself, and ruining it for everyone else.

At this particular moment he’s probably up to his ankles in ocean, scouring the waterhorizon for dorsal fins before finally working up the courage to graduate to knee-depth, pretending that the reason he’s wearing his shirt at the beach is because his dermatologist told him he was at high risk for melanoma.

Tonight he will be forcing an entire buffet into his body.

Thus, Riff ov the Week is not happening today. You may, however, use this thread to do pretty much whatever you want. You can even organize a shitty little backup ROTW, if a desire for such a thing rests within your little hearts. Post your riff in the comments. Whoever gets the most upvotes wins. That sort of thing. See you guys soon.

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