Dropkout Kings – Nvm: A Video Breakdown


Stay in school, kids.

When I usually do an intro for a video breakdown, I typically include some information about the band or make some sort of witty observation. Nothing I say can adequately prepare you for Dropout Kings, so I’ll just let the words of the band’s vocalist Adam Ramey explain…something.

And they say that poetry is dead. With that type of explanation, how could you not want to watch the band’s new video?



I’m now even more straight edge than I was before watching this video.


When “2 for flinching” goes wrong.


I’m not sure who is more ridiculous looking in this scene.


Maybe if they stayed in school, they’d know how to use a cell phone.


Video choreography done by an inflatable tube man outside a used car dealership.


He suffers from “Restless Everything” syndrome.



Pit Beef: The Movie


Pit Beef 2: The Beefening


5 seconds in, everyone is out of breath, clutching their chests.


I just don’t get this Riverdale show.



This song is currently available for download via Napalm Records.

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