Toilet ov Hell Radio Ep. 8: The Carolina Rebellion


In this episode of Radio Toilet ov Hell, Joe and Randall discuss his experiences at Poserfest 2016 Carolina Rebellion, Mother’s Day, and pizza. Mostly pizza. This week features music from Wasteland Riders, Gruesome, Katalepsy, and Uruk.

Music featured in this program:

Wastëland Riders – “Fire” from their upcoming Speed Rock & Roll EP (Bandcamp)(Facebook)
Gruesome – “Raped by Darkness” from Dimensions of Horror out May 20th on Relapse (Preorder)(Bandcamp)(Facebook)
Katalepsy – “Critical Black Mass” from Gravenous Hour out May 27th on Unique Leader Records (Preorder)(Facebook)
Uruk – “Belegruth” from their upcoming Battle Hymns EP (Bandcamp)(Facebook)


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