TMP: Possessed & Behemoth with Pentagram and More!


The Stick is dead! But fear not thee writhing worshippers – Thy Saviour has come, bearing the fruit of the news tree.

Pentagram’s run into some trouble as Bobby Liebling is unable to join them on their current adventures. These are the facts, we shall not speculate on gossip.

(Facebook was being all cranky and wouldn’t embed, so use this hyperlink to jump in on their page)

Death metal legends Possessed have signed to Nuclear Blast, and are currently working on an album – tentatively expected for a 2018 release date. Besides Jeff Beccera, their current line up includes current and former members from such bands as Asesino, Gruesome and Agent Steel. See announcement/teaser below.

Late last December, it was announced Tomas Lindberg, Jonas Ståhlhammar, Andreas Axelsson and Adrian Erlandsson had founded a new band called The Lurking Fear, with the mission statement: “bringing sheer, natural weirdness and horror back to the scene, as we want our death metal ugly, twisted and possessed. Riffs should stir up real feelings of repulsion, and disgust deep down in your soul, and vocals should sounds like hounds of hell howling at the moon.” You can now stream the self-titled 7″ version of “Winged Death”, with pre-orders launching soon.

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