Toilet ov Hell Sprays Fake Blood with TECHNO DESTRUCTO


We’re joined by the man that made GWAR the household name we all know and love today. We forced Techno Destructo, or Hunter Jackson if you want to use his government name, to tell us about the early days of GWAR in this very special interview episode. Wanna know his hatred of Star Wars resulted in Scumdogs? Listen to us yell unseemly questions at him about the characters he designed, his experiences in a stuffy art school environment, and the best uses of fake blood. Hear about Techno Destructo‘s bloody path post-GWAR in the wild world or professional wrestling and when you’re done, try some of his hot sauce. This episode is a must-listen for all fans of GWAR and comic violence.

Music featured on this episode:
GWAR – “Gor-Gor” from America Must Be Destroyed (Amazon)
GWAR – “The Private Pain of Techno Destructo” from Carnival of Chaos (Amazon)

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