Black Vatican – Lady Of Dis: A Video Breakdown


Back in Black Vatican


Were you just thinking that metal needed more fedoras, fishnet shirts, and corpse paint? You were?! Wow, what a coincidence because have I got a music video for you. The fine folks that make up Kansas City’s Black Vatican have all that and more! Don’t believe me? Well, this video was brought to my attention by Absolute Contempt Records’ Daniel Z, so I’ve got his seal of approval. Let’s break it down.



The black metal dork approaches the lone female at the show to tell her she’s not a real fan.


A wild Gothemon appears! Throw a pokeball to catch it!


…Brenocide? It that you?


I appreciate the director’s decision to leave that blooper in the video.


“That’s it, Cole. I’m not going to be your wingman anymore.”


Realizing too late into your jerk session that you probably shouldn’t have fingered that sumac.


“It’a about ethics in metal journalism, Karen!”


The nail polish really helps distract from the chin mirkin.


Maybe it’s just nostalgia talking, but I prefer the original Power Rangers to this.


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