Toilet Radio 204: Burrito Killology


This week, Breno and Jordo are talkin’ Slayer’s new “movie,” Dan Nelson getting #cancelled by Brenocide’s memory and also metal history, Batushka DRAMA ad infinitum, Joe in Los Angeles trying to make it in the entertainment industry, Jordan seeing Babymetal for the THIRD! time and getting a good hard lol @ Swedish hard rawkers Avatar, the friendship dissonance of having a friend that likes different metal than you, the Necrophagist album that will never drop no matter what the internet tells you, KoRn being the Taco Bell of metal, and the final word on Tool and their overall effect on ROCK N ROLL via the sales charts.

Music featured on this show:
Agenda – “Cognitive Dissonance” from Apocalyptic Wasteland Blues (Bandcamp)

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