Premiere: Hornwood Fell – “Vulnera Pt. II”


Check out the second track from Hornwood Fell‘s sprawling Damno Lumina Nocte.

The Italians, man. I admit that in my youth I may have been prone to make a joke or two about folks from the boot-shaped country, perhaps while wildly gesticulating with exaggerated hand motions and an over-the-top accent proclaiming that, “It’s a me – Mario!” But that stops today. For the next five minutes and three seconds anyway. Why the sudden change of heart? Because Italian black metal band Hornwood Fell rips.

Though the band initially formed in 2013 as a fairly straightforward 2nd wave black metal act, the years since have found Hornwood Fell becoming more twisted and avant garde. Damno Lumina Nocte, the band’s fourth album, feels like a dizzying concoction of black metal psychedelia.  “Vulnera Pt. II” offers up your first taste of this off-kilter and extremely righteous record. Brothers Andrea and Marco Basili weave a tangled web of interconnected passages, rife with rotten husks of dissonant riffs and bloody chunks of keyboard blasts. But don’t just take my word for it. Stab that motherfucking play button and let your ears do the talking.

Damno Lumina Nocte releases May 31st on the venerable Third I Rex. Go to Bandcamp to check out all the tight preorder options, then follow the band on Facebook to keep up with these hyper prolific Italians. Finally, let’s take a real good look at this real good album artwork created by Matteo Valentini. Now THAT’S how you properly dress up your psychedelic avant garde black metal album, folks.

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