Raised By Owls Prove Love Is Not Dead By Making A Proposal Song For A Fan


That’s the power of love.

UK extreme death metallers and creators of possibly the only good lyric video, Raised By Owls have gone above and beyond to help a fan in love. Sure, other metal bands may invite a fan on stage to make a very public proposal. Let’s also not forget the time a bride had Cattle Decapitation (and some other band, whatever) make her husband’s dreams come true. And I think we all grew a little closer with this in-the-pit proposal during Power Trip. Sweet, right? All those combined don’t even amount to a puddle of puke next to what Raised By Owls has done.

A fan named Max reached out to lads from Derby to propose to his girlfriend Samantha in the form of a song. Not only did they create a song to help Max propose, but they made a music video. Well, technically it’s a video within a video, but the message is all the same. The message of joining someone in holy matrimony while also being metal as fuck.


Brutal and beautiful. Something that really speaks from the heart and the soul. Did it work?



Hell yeah. I hope they invite Raised By Owls to play their wedding as they walk down the aisle. Let’s wish the couple a lifetime of happiness and sick riffs. While we’re still feeling all warm and tingly inside, head on over to the Raised By Owls Bandcamp and toss them a few bucks. Maybe if you ask real nicely, they’ll make a song for your birthday, anniversary, promotion at work, or your son’s bris.

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