Toilet Radio 224: The Return of the White Belt


Joe and Jordan sat down to shoot the shit about the important events of the day. Totally, absolutely necessary things like: Uncut Gems and The Irishman – The Boots Riley Conspiracy! Joe is headed to Power Trip‘s Evil Best fest! The return of Industrial! Danzig has a new movie! It’s a Spaghetti Western/Vampire tale and it just makes us madder that Verotika STILL isn’t out for our viewing pleasure! Boxing! Tough guy memes! A metalcore revival in Alabama slaps us in the face with a white belt and sends us down memory lane remembering the handful of bands that somehow got excluded from this fest! Resolutions like getting the fuck off social media when you’re mad! Join us for a much more lighthearted experience than whatever else is going on right now.

Music featured on this show:
Sheer Mag – “The Killer” from A Distant Call

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